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How to guarantee a secure bicycle parking?

  • Author:Andy Gu
  • Release on:2017-11-06
Nowadays people are seeking for high-quality life and many of them exercise their bodies by cycling. Increasing quantity of cars in the city caused the road congestion, and insufficient parking spaces in shopping malls especially on holidays are all the reasons people prefer to ride a bike, which is much more efficient and environmental way.
Most people use commercial bike racks and outdoor bike racks to keep their bikes secure. However, both the bike and the rack are subject to theft if the bike parking rack isn’t properly mounted.
Because of this, it is important for any bike rack owner, especially if the bike racks are in a commercial or public location, to ensure that their bike racks are mounted properly and securely.

What is the best surface to install an outdoor bike rack?

Concrete is the best and least expensive surface material for a variety of rack types and installation methods. Both in-ground and surface mounts work well on concrete and are easy to install.
Other hard surfaces such as asphalt, pavers or tile may or may not be suitable for a surface mounted option. Factors affecting the suitability of these materials include the thickness of the surface material, the makeup of the below grade material, and climate.

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