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How to ride a bike rack Rhode Gear

  • Author:Thomas
  • Source:statelandrecords.com
  • Release on:2016-03-31

Cycling is a fun and healthy sport that can be enjoyed regardless of age. Part of the appeal of cycling is being able to explore new areas, some of which require you to transport your bike by car. A safe and effective way to take your bike is a Rhode Gear rack that fits on the back of your car. Riding these carriers may seem complicated, but it will not because it is actually quite easy to operate.




Loosen slightly yellow adjustment knobs on the sides of Bike Storage so you can move your arms up and down. Adjust the arms so the carrier fits in the trunk of your car. Screw the adjustment knobs in place after you have set up assembly.

Make sure the right arms that will hold your bikes are horizontal or slightly above. Engages wide straps small hooks to the top of the trunk near the rear window nylon. Engánchalos with long nylon straps underneath the bumper of your car either the frame or unibody. Hooks engages with short narrow nylon straps on each side of the trunk lid.

Pull each belt, adjust them and close them in place with tweezers strap (attached to nylon straps). Check and make sure the rack does not move or run. To use the carrier, slide the top tube of your bike over arms straight and ensures the PVC clamp attached to the arm.

Tips and Warnings 

· Try to lower carrier arms resting on the bumper of your car to provide a more stable base on which can sustain the weight of your bike.