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How to view the sales of bicycle explosive growth twnetyfold?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-05-11
Exports of Chinese bicycles and electric vehicles to Europe have soared since May 2020, with tens of thousands of yuan of "tuhao" models sold out. Manufacturers are working overtime, with orders still waiting for another month.Data from AliExpress, Alibaba's cross-border e-commerce platform, shows that bicycle sales in Spain increased more than 22 times in May from the same month last year, while sales in Italy and the United Kingdom both increased around four times.Sales of electric scooters have also risen sharply, almost ninefold in Italy, nearly eightfold in the UK, 380 per cent in France and 280 per cent in already large Spain.

Affected by the news, bicycle related concept stocks quickly pulled up, Shanghai Phoenix, Xinlong Health up by the daily limit, Yaoji Technology, Zhonglu Shares, Yongan Hang, Bafang Shares followed.Bicycle sales skyrocketed, which meant more demand for bike storage. Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle  offered a wide variety of bike parking products, parking bikes in indoor or outdoor was no longer an issue.

Semi Vertical Bike Rack

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To what degree of the shortage of bicycles?

Bicycle sales in Brooklyn, New York, have doubled, with lines stretching across a block. Bicycle sales this year have surged more than sixfold over the same period last year.At one Washington dealership, the basic model was sold out at the end of April, with preorders breaking the store's 50-year record.Decathlon closed the store responsible person, children's bicycles out of stock, February began to show signs, March and April are particularly serious, continued until now.

Decathlon's children's bikes, which are mainly produced in Tianjin and Suzhou, are now out of stock at the factory, and stores around the country are placing orders, but the factory can't meet all of them. Each batch can only supply more than 100 bikes, and the style is not optional.Not only is there a shortage of baby buggies, but also adult models are affected. Road bikes worth around 4000 yuan cannot be ordered at present, because the core accessory gearbox is out of stock. This accessory comes from Japan and is also used in the baby buggies in the store.

China's industrial chain is expected to benefit from the epidemic's changes in travel patterns.

According to Bruce Lee, founder of electric scooter brand JanoBike, interviewed by EEurope, "Goods originally prepared in overseas warehouses were sold out within a week.The second lot was booked on the way, and the third we had three or four times more."Since returning to work in March, sales have continued to grow, up 30-40% month-on-month.At present, the upstream frame manufacturers of JanoBike cooperation has been working at full capacity for 24 hours, want to take goods as soon as possible, or even rely on "through the back door".Guo Zhenhe, head of AliExpress, a bicycle brand called Sava, also said that orders have increased by more than 30 percent month-on-month since April, and production capacity is tight.

It used to be able to deliver goods within three days after placing orders, but now it has to wait at least a week.In the bicycle and electric vehicle industries, China has a complete industrial chain from components to assembly of complete vehicles."China's export of bicycles accounts for more than 70 percent of the world market share, and the share of electric bikes is even higher."Li Kai, head of AliExpress's sports category, said, "Chinese products have a significant cost-performance advantage and overseas demand has been strong."The personage inside course of study analysis, as the global public health events of continuous fermentation, in fact, we see all the way to travel in different degree of change, more and more attention to private way of travel, the type of this kind of private travel instead more secure, and bicycles were popular in the whole world, again likely this health and safety,Moreover, low-carbon and environment-friendly travel is likely to become a trend of the world's travel mode, and may even change the transportation market in many countries.

The flush ifind data shows:

1,Shanghai phoenix: production and sales of bicycles, moped, two-wheeled motorcycles, baby buggies, fitness equipment, bicycle industry equipment and molds, and related supporting products.

2,Xin long health: production and operation of sports equipment, rehabilitation auxiliary equipment, computer accessories, aluminum extrusion forging molding (products).Bicycle handlebar, handlebar riser, cushion pipe, vibration absorber forks and pipe material molding.

3,Zhonglu Co., Ltd. produces bicycles and spare parts, mopeds (including gas mopeds), manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and other special vehicles as well as other supporting products related to bicycles, and sells self-produced products.Engaged in public bike rental services.

4,Yongan Travel: The main representative products of the company include public bike system, shared car system (new energy vehicles), shared moped system, new generation public bike system, online ride-hailing and other travel sharing platform services.

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