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Immoral car parking makes 2 bikes lost

  • Author:Ethan Yao
  • Release on:2016-06-13
"Convenient to him a man, and we cyclists no place to park it!" Yesterday morning, Shen He District, Shenyang City Residents sky Shenyang Lee phone call to the newspaper, reflecting the community illegally parked in front of their own things.

Noon yesterday, the reporter came to the community in front of a black car parked in the southwest corner of the door, beneath the car and did not draw parking spaces. "This car is the same as almost every day car here, in fact, not a parking space is a little empty field, the results are illegally parked here, sometimes a few cars parked, the front cell block was tightly. "Yang Na said nearby residents.

Has lost two bicycles Mr. Lee said that before his car can be locked in the community in front of the bicycle parking rack, very safe, but then stopped the vehicle contrary, the racks are all blocked, because of the relatively lives high daily carried upstairs too taxing. Lee only parked in the corridor, the results of a month lost two cars.

Next to illegally parked vehicles that facilitate community residents stop to allow secure bicycle parking racks, but the car from the parking stand only 20 cm distance, this bike will not stop here. "We also want to give a little lesson illegally parked car, allow the driver to something long memory." Lee said, "but then I gave up, if you do that, would not he with a quality up?"

Lee also wanted by the newspaper of the illegally parked drivers say a word, "Everyone wants their own convenience, but can not interfere with the premise of others, we hope that mutual understanding." 

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