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Laser Lamp For Bikes To Improve the Driving Safety At Night

Citi Bike rental service is is constantly improving its latest initiative. They are installing a laser lamp on bikes to enhance the driving safety at night.
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Citi Bike is going to install a special laser lamp at the front of bikes and a special "bicycle" logo can be projected in front of the ride. So that roadside pedestrians, motorcycles, motor vehicles and other commuters can clearly aware of the existence of the bike.

This laser not only guarantees safety, but it’s also waterproof, rechargeable and USB-compatible, and can run for up to 13 hours. In addition, it has energy-saving mode optional. It is also a very intimate design, even wearing a thick gloves, you can also use it normally.
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Research shows that nearly 80% of bicycle accidents happen when bicycles moving forward while other motor vehicle turning, which also shows the necessity that bike should remind other transport vehicles about its existence. After a period of statistical data, studies have found that the probability of a motorist seeing a rider increases by 30% at night after installing laser lamp. This is necessary to avoid possible accidents.