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Loading double bike racks today

  • Author:Kitty song
  • Release on:2015-11-16
Always got many people ask the double biker racks ,in that case double bike rack is really very popular .However only after ask the clients will go away and there is no news from him ,Some customers will ask if this is safe and how to dispatch it and how to use it and etc.Here i can tell you there is no more damage about the double bike racks.It loaded every month to UK we use a pallet and put the tracks on it then you can clear know how many in the pallet Ah we just loaded a container today and share some pics you can know that clear Another questions it can be park 16-28” bikes it will be against the gas spring to pull out and down after you put your bike then use your finger to get it up If you still interested in our racks contact me and i will let you know and we can share more experience each other