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Outdoor bike rack:How to find a cycle-friendly office?

As the cost of public transport in London continues to rise, many workers are looking for alternative ways to commute to work. For 23 million Londoners, that alternative is cycling.

With more people commuting to work by bike than ever before, it makes sense that the demand for cycling facilities has also increased. Serviced office providers are increasingly offering bike facilities, as found at i2 Office’s Cannon Street offices in London, and Flexi Office’s Bristol locations.

outdoor bike rack

If you’re in the market for a new office and want it to be cycle-friendly, here are some tips to ensure your future office space is as cycle-friendly as can be.

Where will employees park their bikes?

The first essential of a bike-friendly office is bicycle parking. But it’s not as it sounds. There is a difference between bicycle parking and good bicycle parking. To determine which kind a prospective office has, check for these things.

The parking should be visible and easy to find. There are multiple benefits to this. The first is  obvious; employees won’t get lost on their way to the bike rack. Another is that prominent bicycle parking actually encourages more employees to  cycle, as discussed in this government guide, potentially making your staff healthier.

The parking should be plentiful. You don’t need bike parking spaces to stretch right over the horizon, but you do need to make sure there are enough for all your employees to cycle to work should they wish to do so. Also keep visitors in mind—a few spaces are likely to be taken by them each day.

Will employees’ bikes be secure?

With over 376,000 bicycles stolen each year, secure bike facilities are a must. Different kinds of security will suit different offices and areas, but as a rule of thumb, it is best to have as much security as possible.

CCTV will help deter thieves and catch criminals. The government’s cycling guide recommends CCTV overseeing the bike parking area at all times. If you need to install CCTV yourself, this helpful guide from commercial security firm Carter Security shows you how to use it effectively.

Security staff will be even more effective. There is only one thing better than an always-on camera for observing valuables and that is a human security guard. Offices with security officers are your safest bet when it comes to bike theft.

Locks and access security will add more peace of mind. Password-controlled doors stop any potential bicycle thieves from even getting close to the goods. The downside of these arrangements is that visitors will find it more difficult to park.

Will employees have a place to wash and change?

Cycling to work can be sweaty business, especially on hot days or if employees are commuting from far away.

Shower facilities will encourage good hygiene. Many potential cyclists may be put off riding bikes to work for fear of working up a sweat and lending the office a pungent air. Offices with shower facilities will help put these workers at ease, and even encourage other kinds of exercise, which is always a good thing as sedentary office jobs come with high risk of heart disease.

Lockers will make cycling easier. Those who commute by bike will often wear lycra outfits and, of course, helmets, meaning they will have many additional belongings to store when they arrive. Lockers will keep these items safe, but most importantly they will keep them out of the way, reducing office clutter.