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Outdoor bike rack:Increasing Bike Parking In Mankato

If you want to help promote a bike friendly community in Mankato, now is your chance. Here's more on how you can help support bikers in our area.

Outdoor bike rack

The snow has finally melted and bikers are once again hitting the streets in full force. To help show how much Mankato cares about bicyclists...area businesses and residents are invited to sponsor bike parking throughout the downtown area.

"We're hoping we can get the minimum needed in order to order a whole new fleet of bike racks to install in the City Center and North Mankato's Parks," Visit Mankato President Anna Thill, said.

10 bike racks are all that's needed...the Rack & Roll Program provides a rack that will park two bicycles. Each rack costs 300 dollars with sponsors receiving a small recognition plaque on their bike rack. Greater Mankato Bike and Walk Advocates will provide a matching grant of 100 dollars per bike rack.

It's really kind of a legacy program, it's an opportunity for businesses or organizations or individuals who support the biking culture to put it right out there," Thill said.

You have until April 14th to have your name forever recognized with fostering a bike friendly environment. The racks will go into place next month.