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Practical Application of Material Q235-- Parking Frame

  • Author:Jerome Wang
  • Release on:2018-06-21
   Q235 is a kind of carbon steel. It has good welding performance and molding ability. A lot of profiles (such as angle steel, round steel, I-beam, channel steel and many other materials are all Q235), and has a certain strength. So it is a quite ideal for bike racks. Its practical performance is good, stable and reliable, by the way, the price is relatively cheap, and cost-effective.

The following are some of our most common and widespread applications.


Application Note:
It is the best safety facility for supermarkets, shopping malls, medium and high-grade garden-style residential quarters to enhance the pedestrian flow management of vehicles, and can also be used as parking locks and vehicle anti-theft safety protection piles.

2.Two Tier Bike Parking Rack

Benefits: Increases the number of stops on the same land to provide more parking spaces, and allows for more convenient parking based on ergonomics combined with powertrain, gearing, chutes, rollers and more.

3.Slot Type Parking Stand

This bicycle parking rack is a three-dimensional, buried installation.
It is more convenient for bike owner to park the vehicle. The plug-in parking of the front wheel does not require you to lift the wheel into the slot.
Widely applicable to commercial streets, subway entrances, municipal authorities, etc.

4.Bend Wave Design

When the vehicle is parked on the frame, the wheel can be directly locked to the frame, which can effectively prevent the vehicle from being stolen or lost. The self-theft anti-theft base can effectively prevent the rack from being stolen.

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