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Requirements for bicycle parking sheds and production design specifications

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-10-10

  China Professional bicycle parking shed manufacturers will analyze the needs and production design specifications of bicycle parking sheds for you.

There are many community bicycles left unattended, which leads to rampant vehicle thieves. The theft of bicycles has seriously affected the lives and travel of citizens. Therefore, the large-scale and large-scale construction of bicycle parking sheds is in response to the needs of the general public to facilitate people's lives and reduce the loss of bicycles.

The inside of the bicycle parking shed is made of square steel materials and welded into a dragon frame, which greatly improves the bearing capacity of the frame. Coupled with the stability of the material itself, the bicycle parking shed is strong and durable in use, and the use time is about 12 to 18 years. And the surface of the carport is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint, which can protect the carport from outdoor wind and rain.

  The design of the bicycle parking shed takes into account more factors, adds the designer's creativity, conforms to the public's aesthetics, and brings a different landscape to the city.
The design of the bicycle parking shed is more convenient and humanized: it can be found that the current bicycle shed not only allows people to park, but also provides other services, such as the installation of a place to lock the bicycle. The lock greatly improves the safety when storing the bike and shows the humanized characteristics of the bicycle shed.

  Bicycle parking sheds are now an important member of the urban infrastructure. For bicycle sheds, it is an indispensable part of citizens' lives. In addition to the well-known role of parking bicycles, it also promotes low-carbon traffic in the city, and at the same time dispels people's concerns about parking when they go out, which can also enhance citizens' environmental awareness to a large extent. A variety of bicycle sheds can not only improve the phenomenon of random bicycle parking, but also help improve the appearance of the city.

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