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Outdoor bike rack:Resident upset with library’s bike policy

MARTINSBURG — A Martinsburg resident claims the city public library has changed its policy to where patrons can park their bicycles on library grounds, requiring bikes be parked on the side of the library, which he says makes them vulnerable to theft.

outdoor bike rack

Steven King said he was informed by the library’s security guard on Tuesday that he would have to move his bike from the foyer to a bicycle rack located on the side of the library.

King, who claims his Cannondale 10-speed bike is worth $4,000, said he has placed his bike in the foyer for years without any comment from library personnel, and a bike theft from the library foyer last week has caused a change in library policy.

“I’ve been putting my bike in the front of the library for the last10 years,” King said. “Now, because one person had a bike stolen, nobody is allowed to have their bikes in sight of a camera anymore.”

However, Martinsburg Public Library Director Gretchen Fry said library policy does not allow patrons to leave private property, including bicycles, in the front foyer area.

Fry said library policy has always been for patrons’ bicycles to be parked in the library’s outside rack, but had not been enforced.

King said bikes must now be placed in the metal bike rack located on the side of the library where he claims there is no security camera positioned to monitor the area.

“None of the cameras outside can see that area,” King said. “They’re not angled right — those cameras are angled down into that little plaza. There’s nothing up on that porch, or down around that corner — so how am I supposed to know who stole it?”

A professional bike courier, King said his bike is essential to performing his job.

“Nobody can see them there–there are no cameras,” King said. “If my bike gets stolen and I can’t find out who it is because there is no camera, I’m out of a job. I don’t have enough money to go out and buy a custom bike.”

Fry said she thought the bike rack area was covered by the library’s surveillance cameras.

However, she said she would look into the location’s coverage area.