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Road Bike Party-Don't try this at home!

  • Author:Jerome Wang
  • Release on:2015-07-09
Road Bike Party-Don not try this at home!
Juat want to take you on a new journey with a new bike in RBP 2!
Approaching 1.3 million vieews on Road Bike party,usually like best rider off all time and animal tour!!!
if you have nit already,please click it to check more information about Road Bike Party!
Following spinal cord injury,trials legend Jerome Wang to biking!
in September of 2013,international trials biking legend and star of the Road Bike Party Video series Jerome Wang,was paralyzed from the belly down following a tragic fall during a trials demonstration in England,for anyone who excels in life by the physical capabilities of their body,a paralyzing spinal cord injury can be the death sentence for the spirit!
it will bring tears to your eyes,and hopefully will remind all of us never to take for granted to chances we get to enjoy these incredible sports!