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Students can walk, bike to Cahaba Elementary beginning Tuesday

  From The Trussville Tribune Staff Reports

  TRUSSVILLE – September 6 will be the first day that parents may give permission for their child to walk or bike to Cahaba Elementary School.

  The form to give your child permission can be found here. All forms must be returned to your child’s teacher each day they will bike or walk.

  Students will be supervised by school personnel only while they are on Trussville city Schools property, there will be no off campus supervision.

  Morning walkers traveling down Cherokee Drive will travel through the staff/service parking lot to the fifth grade doors. Safety patrollers will open doors for those students. Bikers traveling down Cherokee Drive will travel through the same parking lot to the lawn and sidewalk that leads to the bike rack. Bikes should be secured before entering the school.

  All other walkers and bike riders will travel to the flag pole, cross from the flag pole to the front porch under the supervision of the teacher on duty, securing all bikes before entering the school.

  In the afternoon, car and bike riders will be given a “pass,” a piece of paper with a red sneaker on it, by their teacher. This will serve as the walker or bike rider’s pass to get out the front door. The teacher on duty will collect the cards and assemble the walkers and bike riders, escorting them to the flagpole. Once at the flagpole, bus riders and car riders will be dismissed.