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The Best Outdoor Parking Rack - Stainless Steel Stand

  • Author:Iris Han
  • Release on:2018-08-06
  Many public places now have special bicycle parking racks for people to park when they travel. Public bicycles have been seen as one of the important ways to develop low-carbon transportation. Outdoor parking is also the future direction of the city. In terms of environmental protection, convenient travel, and ease of traffic pressure. Stainless steel parking racks have slowly shown its positive effects.

As an environmentally friendly material that never fades, we chose the following classic stainless steel parking racks as an introduction:

1.Three-dimensional Triangular Parking Rack
Made of stainless steel 304, it never rusts and convenient to park and manage vehicles.

2.Round Parking Rack
Moderate price, with anti-theft function and it conducive to beautifying the city.

3.Advertising Type U Shape Bicycle Parking Rack
Rugged and durable. It looks beautiful and could save a lot of space in orrder to manage bicycles effectively.

   The above-mentioned humanized stainless steel rack is fully suitable for our living environment. It is light in weight, unique in design, safe and reliable to use, and easier to pick and place bicycles.

  These bicycle parking devices not only beautify the appearance of the city, but also facilitate the orderly parking of bicycles by the masses, and prevent the occurrence of theft cases. They are also highly praised by the masses in most world places.