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The Indissoluble Bond Between Bike Rack And Nobel Prize Winner

  • Author:Doris Xu
  • Release on:2018-10-19

  Bike rack is a common facility in life. Does it have anything to do with Nobel Prize winners? Its inventor won the Nobel Prize? Well, Ive no idea about the inventor of the original bike rack. But it is a fact that the parking rack has a special fate with the Nobel Prize winners.

  Their fate lies in the fact that many universities around the world have established a special Nobel Prize winner bike rack or exclusive car parking space for Nobel laureates in recognition of their achievements. At the University of California, Berkeley, there is a rule that a Nobel Prize-winning professor can have an exclusive parking space with a unique blue parking sign that no other vehicle can be used. The parking space is the only reward for the school's Nobel Prize winners. The winners will still be in class, do the same experiment, and report and compete for funding.

  Let us look at the news of the past two years:

  On Thursday, August 23, 2017, the University of Groningen created a special bicycle rack for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Professor Ben Feringa, at the School of Science and Engineering.

  In October 2018, the University of Missouri awarded a dedicated bicycle rack slot for its Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Professor George Smith.

  It is a pity that we did not find a photo of the Nobel Prize winner's dedicated parking rack. Let us guess what kind of parking rack is this special one? Which of the following do you think is better suited to the Nobel Prize winner?