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The Journey of Flower

  • Author:Cindy Wang
  • Source:Pioneer
  • Release on:2015-07-14
Recently I love watching a Chinese drama called: the Journey of Flower. It's a long TV series, about 54 episodes.
Its anthor is Fresh Guo Guo.

Appreciating her hard working nature and kind heart, and predicting her tragic destiny, Bai Zihua Wallace Huo, an immortal in charge of the magical realm of Chang Liu, takes her on as his only disciple. Hua falls in love with her master, but doesn't reveal her true feelings. Eventually the truth was that she was born as the queen of demons and has access to great power. Though Bai tries to protect her and change her fate but Hua is constantly tortured by the machinations of those who wish to see her dead. The story eventually tells the readers a touching love between Hua Qiangu and Bai Zihua. The leading actor and actress to play Bai Zihua and Hua Qiangu have been decided to be Wallace Huo and Zanilia Liying Zhao.
Two versions of a three-minute short trailer for The Journey of Flower, one in Chinese and the other dubbed in English, were released online in August, receiving more than 280 million views on Weibo and becoming one of the hottest topics on social media. In Oct 2014, two long trailer dubbed in both Chinese and English language have been released in Cannes, France and received an overwhelmed response. 

Hua Qiangu

Bai Zihua

Sha Qianmo

Xia Zixun

Dongfang Yuqing