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The new two tier bike rack of 2022.

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2022-06-09

Double -layer bicycle rack It has always been the flagship product of our company. We all know that the two -layer bicycle parking frame is through folding, vertical weightlifting, horizontal movement, pulling, repairing, repairing and other methods to solve the problem of bicycle parking Essence Suitable for public parking lots, high -end office buildings, apartment buildings, schools, and other places with high environmental quality requirements. This is the best choice for high -end customers.

The double -layer deck classics are our first and most popular two -layer bicycle frame solutions for the use of high -capacity cycles. Use, safe and safe, with amazing space efficiency. They are ideal choices in the place where there is low space and high parking density. Designed and manufactured by people riding bicycles to encourage people to ride bicycles, because the features of cycling bicycles are very useful. Large -scale functional design allows incredible parking density and reliable reliability for decades. The easy to reach the rod so that the bicycle can easily fix the bicycle without trouble.

In May this year, we received customized double -layer bicycle frames from Philippine customers. At present, the photos and videos of the sample have been sent to customers, and they are highly praised and recognized by customers. The following is a detailed introduction to our new products.

1. High -density carbon steel and advanced surface treatment

The rack is made of high -density carbon steel and is combined with the top layer of durable polyester powder coating to ensure that each gap and joints are completely sealed, thereby fully protecting the corrosion.

2. Determine the quality

The frame handle is a shrinkable tube. The high -temperature heat contraction tube has the advantages of high temperature resistance, mechanical strength, and good chemical resistance, which can effectively protect the frame rust and prevent corrosion treatment.

3, practical design

Double -layer high and low tray make bicycles more obvious and easier to remove. The rack is completely independent. It can be placed on the wall or in the middle of the store. The tray can slide and pivot, so that the bicycle can be easily accessed. The modular part allows you to add more shelf as needed. High tray offset, which makes the bicycle approach and minimize the handlebar or pedal interference. The distance is decided by customers as appropriate. The underlying options include a tray that saves space or no. This rack is completely independent. It can be placed on the wall or in the middle of the store, but the bicycle is only in one direction. The tray can slide and pivot, so that the bicycle can be easily accessed. The rack standard is equipped with our super pallet, but you can also choose to use a custom quantity of fat bicycles or add a pallet order.

This is just a choice in our extensive van Circle parking design solution Include Bicycle rack, Standing, Internal or external cycle lockers And extensive asylum and shells. We provide expert design and planning services to maximize the cycle space you can accommodate in the website plan to the greatest extent.

For more interest in our bicycle parking solution, you can access our website: www.chinabikerack.com !


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