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Two Tier Bike Rack Loading In Dog Days

  • Author:Doris Xu
  • Release on:2018-08-14
  It is called “canicular days” from the middle of July to the middle of August. This is the hottest, humid and muggiest day of the year in most parts of China. The canicular days of 2018 began on July 17 and ended on August 25. In this weather, the hardest work is outdoor workers, so during this period, the working hours of outdoor workers will be adjusted or even suspended.

   But in Pioneer, a group of outdoor workers are still working hard, they are container loading workers. Due to various reasons, workers sometimes have to work under the scorching sun, like current weather. The maximum temperature is 39 ° C, the somatosensory temperature is 45 ° C, and the temperature in the container has exceeded 50 ° C. Even if they have been sweating, the workers are all working hard to ensure our customer can receive the goods on time.

  Thanks for their hard work! If the sales are forwards, then the workers are our solid guards.