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Very interesting riding on weekend

  • Author:Gary
  • Release on:2015-10-12
In fact it is a punishment.Because we both do not meet the goal of saling.According to our promise of competition,I and Sasha went to a circle riding around Jinji Lake,a little bit tired but very interesting.Very beatiful scenery around Jinji Lake.We spend about 1.5 hours to arrive in destination.And we have a morning tea together in Starbucks.
Once my chain was broken,and I can not put it on gear,because it is very tight.When I can not solve this problem,I knew I must go bike station to change a bike.Then I ran for a while,luckily I found it not very far.This tell me,when we meet problems,do not avoid,do not hesitate to solve it,find the way.
I think it is also incentive to both of us.During this month we will try our best to make a perfect sales performance to win the battle.I am looking forward to.