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Why need bike parking infrastructure?

  • Author:Andy Gu
  • Release on:2018-07-03
   At its most basic level, bike parking encourages people to cycle. If a person chooses to ride a bike and at their destination they find the bike parking is unavailable or inconvenient, they may choose another option, like driving alone.
   In order for cycling to compete with other modes of transportation, it must be convenient and efficient to ride and to park your bike.
   Bike racks provide additional parking capacity for customers to visit local businesses. Bicycle parking not only invites cyclists in, but shows the business values sustainability, which is an increasingly important factor in the decisions of consumers.
   Good bike parking benefits the disabled. By providing adequate, well-planned bike parking, business owners or property managers can ensure that hand rails and ramps intended for accessibility purposes are not clogged with bicycles looking for a bike parking spot.
  Pedestrians also benefit when orderly and aesthetic bike parking is provided. Not only does it improve the appearance of the area, it ensures that sidewalks and benches intended for pedestrians are not cluttered by bikes that do not have a designated parking space. In this way, bike parking can also prevent damage to other street furniture like garbage cans, posts, benches and trees.
  Across North America the trend towards complete streets will continue to promote cycling and create a need for more cycling infrastructure at ‘end of trip’ locations.