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bike rack can make your life more safe and you worth trust

  • Author:Kitty song
  • Release on:2015-11-02
People care about their own things all the time .We locked our bikes because we are afraid they were lost ,it was locked so it is safe it is wrong even it locked still lost many bikes also can make many trouble in our life After this we all think we should find a way to stop bikes lost then students locked their bikes on the fence in that case bikes lost less . However teachers said no way if you all locked the bikes on the fence how can way walk and the environment is really dirty How to solve this problem principal try to find a way . When they arrived suzhou pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd. They know they have a way to solve this .After installed the bike racks there are no bikes lost the environment is also looks beauty than before since then we can park our bikes anywhere if there is bike racks