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More safe with bike racks

  • Author:Kitty song
  • Release on:2016-07-14
With bike racks is safe, for the convenience of the masses, installed in the crowded street neighborhood bike racks, frame installation is less than half a month, no received citizens complain that their electric car or bike stolen, even more it is great, the phenomenon of chaos to stop before the place also improved, perfect security firm, beautify the city!The choice is to create brand spiral neighborhood bike racks, multi-functional racks can be placed at the same time of bicycles, electric cars, motorcycles, etc., can reduce the cost of a neighborhood put more. To say which style of bicycle parking parking number, it is a spiral racks, because single spiral racks 1 m can park 3 bike, if you can double parking parking 6 m, can say the spiral racks can be parked more styles of bicycle, it is a multi-purpose type of racks. Spiral bike racks for sizes: 2000 * 280 * 280 mm wide, long distance to 28 cm can be designed to park the bike, electric cars and motorcycles, so is a multi-purpose type.Very convenient, also can choose the material, there are stainless steel material and the material of Q235 carbon steel can choose 304/201.Stand a non-motor vehicle parking, the electric motorcycle racks, spiral racks, so can choose to park more bike racks then choose to create brand spiral.
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