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Civilized city need bike rack

  • Author:Ethan Yao
  • Release on:2015-06-13

Bicycle has always been the most welcome means of transportation for the green environmental protection, energy saving, fitness fuctions. With the development of modernization construction of China, citizens’long distance transport gradually goes into the era of metro light rail and bus times. However, bicycle is still an irreplaceable short-distance transport to office workers. In those heavily populated areas, since the huge bicycle parking capacity and messy parking way, especially in the subway entrance, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other densely populated place, phenomenons like unavailable parking, messy parking, bike theft, some even occupying the sidewalks and motor vehicle road bring hidden trouble, city safety trouble and city public security management. For the troubles brought by non-motor vehicles,establishing highly efficient bike racks is an effective method to solve this contradiction.
A city of civilization must be neat.In order to maintain a good image of the city, Installing bike parking rack in the downtown section can not only avoid the phenomenon of traffic congestion, even can amenity environment, enhance urban grade.