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welcome new colleague Dong shiying come to suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd

  • Author:Jerome Wang
  • Release on:2015-06-15
Today is June 15th,I have come to Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd for 4 years for bicycle rack sales,my dream is to help suzhou pioneer vehicle to sold bicycle,car parking problem,and help  to make money!
today one girl called Dong Shiying,come to our factory to join our team,I asked her why shoose my company,she said she want to help suzhou pioneer to be China best bike rack supplier in the world,and help sold the world parking solution,and in the future,hope suzhou pioneer to be China bike rack distrbutor!
I am amazed that she can say like that,because she has the same dream with us,and she is always so exiting,and beautiful!
maybe that is why my factory choose her,suddenly I remember beijing Olympic Games word:one world,one dream!
That is great that our team has Ms Dong,I believe we can beat everything!
please believe us,believe my factory!
bike rack
bike rack