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South Korea to work by bike with subsidies

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer-Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-07-13
The administrative department of homeland security released bicycle promotion plan.
The plan, on the one hand, is to reduce emissions, save energy;On the other hand, looking forward to improving people's way to travel, to improve people's health consciousness.
In several pilot cities, the government will give material rewards to people who ride a bike to work .People can ride a bike to work more than 15 days per month for more than 30000 won (RMB 185).
Construction of bike lanes, strive to put South Korea number increased to more than 3000 kilometers from the bicycle lane.
Municipal government insurance for all citizens to buy the bicycle, accident died as the compensation of 31 million won.
The bike racks, bike stands,hit, rental shops and repair shop also can be seen everywhere in city. It is paradise of bicycle.

In china there are many people ride bike. But this kind of the bicycle plan is not suit with china. Because the population of china is numerous. There is a good ideal to solute the parking for bikes.
We can set up more and more bike parking racks. China bike rack manufacturer should make more strong and multifunctional bike stands.