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2015 the 7th shenyang cycle show appear bike trainer event

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer-Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-07-14
2015 the 7th shenyang cycle show will take place at August 7 to 9 in shenyang science conference and exhibition center. 
This bike show's theme is  "let the sky to reduce smog and travel health fashion". 
Cycle show has seven big events. 
1. Shenyang bicycle market "eight big assured brand" and "top ten dealers" appraisal activities 
2. Bicycle lecture hall activities: through the bike lecture hall activities 
3. "safe riding day" public welfare propaganda activity 
4. The world car riding high platform: bike trainer is a safe equipment used to ride bicycle. Man can ride in situ indoor ,when the weather is not good outdoor. 
5. "who is the king of bike" it is off-road experience activitie 
6. Interesting ride 
7. The first "shenyang bicycle/electric technician grand prix" 
Bike Trainer is a convenient cycling set. People can ride on it. Our company is good at making the bike trainer. Bike racks and bike trainer is necessary for the bicycle.