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Bicycle Film Top10

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-07-21
2015 Tour de France is hot among bike fans grand festival, how it can be too little seasoning. Eighth sports movie series, ten movies brought bicycles, watching the film to see the Tour de France, swaying together in the United States and picturesque scenery! Bike racks is popular.

Life loop race

The first live action film remarkable Tour de France. Feng over 40 cable is a real loser, with his son left his wife to divorce him. By the people advice, Feng Cable decided to realize his long-buried dream - to participate in the Tour de France. His inspired many people to join the competition, he shut one off from the end is getting closer ......

Finish line

And a Kevin - Costner starred in the sports movie. He played the hero and the brothers won the West of Hell - a world-class cycling champion, just as they are gearing up to launch sprint when defending his father's death gave them a bitter blow. Under the grief, they can win the title it teamwork?

Fantasy Pain

Mark is a romantic cyclists, but lost a leg in a car accident, he had to change his life in order to face the next. Cycling, alcohol, night stand is Mark whole life, even losing a leg, not change the stubborn style cynicism and hurt the real love of a woman, until he finally realized that all of life is to be loved heal injustices.

Rapid queen

Star Julie, bicycle industry, won the World Cup so that she was mad pursuit. She became the focus of fascination feeling, at the instigation of coaches and doctors, Julie since the age of 14 started taking stimulants. The doctor then expose her, she Lame ...... abuse and accusations followed, she fell into a bottomless vortex. Julie can find way out?

Flying Scotsman

Membership bicycle under Scottish legend Granada Snoqualmie · O'Brien's true story adaptation. In 1993, in his capacity as an amateur, breaking the track cycling world record of one hour endurance race. The most amazing is that his "driving seat" also represents a very revolutionary innovation - is assembled from a old washing machine parts made.

Crazy Racer

Occupational cyclist Geng Hao due to the difference between the gold medal in 0.01 seconds pass, lost the gold medal after he was banned for life for their livelihood, he stem from the use refrigerated trucks to deliver seafood restaurant business. But ill-fated, in the calm after five years, "Tsai seafood" life after an accident because he was involved in a series of complex cases being.

Farewell yesterday

Mike, Cyrillic, muche and David are high school friends, after graduating from high school, has been eccentric David suddenly decided to become an Italian cyclists, to realize their dreams, David will disregard all objections and questions, even at the break with his father. In a series of setbacks and failures in front of David's dream will become a reality it?


Chapin Souza with her mother had each other since childhood, her mother see Chapin cycling aspect of talent, he wants to cultivate talent. The Tour de France, because the Mafia to control Results, Chapin has been held hostage to the Mirador criminals. Go to rescue her mother rushed her grandson, her mother met Mirador three sisters, they put together to save the small Chapin among the ranks.

Endless wheel

Shooting lasted 2 years in Xinjiang desert, in northern Utah, Cafayate in Argentina, Uncharted Mustang in Nepal where these ecstasy Pentium. This is a story of the world's top mountain bikers free movie, these ambitious mountain bikers in the world who challenge various steep terrain, challenge their own limits and nature.


Lance Armstrong, a former idol inspirational, beat testicular cancer and the seventh consecutive Tour de France title. October 23, 2012, doping scandal broke out, his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life deprived. This biopic doping situation onto the big screen. France is expected to release the film this fall, it is considered Oscar favorites.