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Taihu Mountain Bike Challenge Mountain resort cum Yuyang held a grand opening ceremony

  • Author:Di Yi
  • Source:Suzhou Pioneer
  • Release on:2015-07-20
July 12, 2015, Taihu Lake Mountain Bike Challenge Mountain resort Yuyang cum opening ceremony was held at the Yuyang Hill area. More than 500 cycling enthusiasts and more than 50 surrounding attractions, hotels, restaurants and travel agents from around the country converge responsible Yuyang, witnessed the transformation of the lifted Yuyang Hill area welcome guests with a new look.

Yuyang Hill was King Wu City location, name derived from the Wu "gifts gratitude Mountain," the story, according to "small Xiangshan" records, Yuyang northern foothills Epiphyllum dock bamboo leaves, Wu Zheng Dan and Princess Ming Dynasty most One famous painter Dong Qichang are buried here.Yuyang Mountain scenic area in the center of Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Resort, covering 5,000 acres, three facing the lake, shaped like aoFirst,Landscape rich with a variety of ecological resources Hudang, mountain dock, island, streams, forests, ancient, springs, rocks, and other rare animals.Since ancient times, here are theThe best place to watch the beauty of Taihu Lake, known as the "first beauty of Taihu Lake."In recent years, Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Resort always adhereʱ??Protection-based, scientific planning, rational use and appropriate developmentʱ??Principles, highlighting the development of tourismLeading industries, the formation of a number of tourism development and construction of functional items, and gradually developed into a beautiful environment, improve the function of the lakeside leisure resort. In the tourism industry from sightseeing to leisure transformation process, the Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Resort is focusing on extending public participation, to carry out the whole season, the global development of the tourism industry chain, effectively so that the people share the results of tourism development. Earnestlyʱ??Green Developmentʱ??ʱ??ʱ??Green lifestyleʱ??And other development concept through to all areas of economic and social development, accelerate the transformation of development mode, so intensive and efficient production space, living space livable moderate ecological Space MountainWater show. Effectively holdʱ??Ecological red lineʱ??, Protectʱ??Mother Taihu Lakeʱ??Letʱ??I could see the mountains, visible green water, remember nostalgiaʱ??In Lake Tai to better implementation.