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A lot of debris were piled near the bicycle racks

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-09-28
Bicycle racks for the convenience of the public bicycles, electric cars and set up, now turned into a heap of debris individual citizens, trash the place. "Recently, the public Miss Xue to the newspaper reflected in the construction of West Street and Park Road intersection about 50 meters, there is a bicycle racks, it was often the debris and garbage piled up in the vicinity of the racks, bicycles and other members of the public have to some extent.

Ms. Xue said: "This will often be piled near a lot of debris, and sometimes those are not long accumulation of debris cleared away so much debris, household waste near the bicycle racks, bikes and impede the public. electric vehicle large number of debris and rubbish on the sidewalk, but also very much affect the city's image. "

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to Miss Xue reflect the location and saw the bicycle racks at the back side of piling up a lot of debris, there are five or six nearly 1 meter high hollow bamboo basket, and several cardboard boxes . Reporters observed that in this pile of debris piled up on both sides of the back side and some plastic bags packed garbage, leaves, flowers and leaves, which mixed with a little construction waste. Reporters noted that in the next pile of debris and garbage, parked two electric cars, but because of the bicycle racks are occupied, which two electric car is not parked in the racks, but stopped in the parking frame aside.

Ms. Xue said: "It would have been a place for bikes, but now occupied by garbage, lead us nowhere bicycles, hoping to be able to consciously number of individual citizens, do not then debris and rubbish placed near the bicycle racks. "