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Beautiful view in China

  • Author:Kitty song
  • Release on:2015-10-09
National holiday a special holiday we all have 7 days off. Times fly .Yunnan is my dream when i was a child i want to go to yunnan to have a look . This holiday i have achieved my dream when i stand on the Shangri-la it seems that i was near Tibet. I was shocked by Tibetan culture .In our opinion we should eat better , drink better , have fun meanwhile we also have much pressure but they are totally different they are so happy their happiness index is very high because they are easy they all think if something theirs they are there if not why to get it and make themselves unhappy and life hard. In our big city we can see and hear much thing is not good the people is not good we do not care others we should learn thankful . We should have a thankful heart to find beauty in the word . I like yunnan a magic place the last clean earth in the earth