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Tin Ping Shan Maple Festival

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2015-12-03

Tin Ping Shan Maple Festival

Today the weather is very good, just today is the famous Ping Shan Maple Festival. This makes us very excited.

So we pioneer car industry sales team elite decided to walk all go to Maple Festival, once again conquer Tin Ping Shan.

Today is held on the 22nd Maple Leaf Tin Ping Shan viewing section. It is said that the Ming Dynasty Maple Song Ming Chen Zhongyan seventh World Sun Fanyun Pro back from Fujian, the ancestral Ying planted in this land. Late autumn, the mountain leaves if Hongxia filled, layers pieces, spectacular, the "balance Maple heaven" reputation, every year many tourists come here to watch. Tin Ping Shan scenic area into the door saw the scenic presentation. It is "Wu first mountain", "Jiangnan Sheng territory" reputation. Tin Ping Shan, 201 meters above sea level, the mountain steep steep odd risk, ancient Baiyun Mountain, also known thanks to the mountain, the Department of the North Song Dynasty Zhongyan Ancestral burial site land. In "Maple, rocks, springs," Ruin is known, that thousands of Wat overturned, meaning high pinnacle, lofty Hongxia, Yuquan qingyin other 18 scenic spots, especially the United States.

Here are some views of the mountain and we took the Maple Leaf:

1. Do you believe in such a narrow hole can go through it?

2. beautiful red maple leaves, I took a good, right?

3. Suzhou Tin Ping Shan, this is just tip of the iceberg.

4. Our lovely team!