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Benefits of cycling

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2015-12-07
The benefits of exercise bike is limited time, limited speed. Cycling can not only lose weight, but also to make shapely. Since cycling is a sport requires a lot of oxygen, so it can also strengthen the heart function. While preventing high blood pressure, and sometimes more effective than drugs. Ride bicycles compression of blood vessels, making blood circulation and accelerate the brain more oxygen intake, coupled with the inhalation of fresh air, you will find their brains more clearly. Riding in the car, you will feel very free and very fun. It is no longer just a means of transport, it is the way of spiritual joy. In other countries, cycling fitness can be said to be in the ascendant. In the United States, according to "US News And World Report" revealed that the United States has 20 million people ride a bike fitness rejection, and the number of participants more and more, in 1987 increased by 30% compared with 1986, in 1988 surpasses 1987 an increase of 36%. France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and other countries, but also to ride a bike "day trip" fashionable sports tourism recreational activities, attracting thousands of people to take part.

1.Fitness Role
(1) can prevent brain aging, improve the agility of the nervous system. Modern sports medicine research results show that cycling is the opposite side dominated movement, alternating legs pedaling allows left and right brain functions to be developed at the same time, prevent premature aging and neglected.
(2) Can improve heart and lung function, exercise, lower extremity muscle strength and enhance body endurance. Cycling endurance exercise to the internal organs of the same effects as swimming and jogging. This movement not only lower limb hip, knee, ankle three pairs of muscle joints and 26 benefit, but also make the neck, back, arms, abdomen, waist, groin and buttocks muscles. Joints, ligaments has also been a corresponding exercise.
(3) to lose weight. When riding a bike, because the periodic aerobic exercise, so that those who consume more calories exercise, can receive significant weight loss.
(4) can improve sexual function. Daily cycling 4-5 km, can stimulate the secretion of human estrogen or androgen, making sexual enhancement, contribute to a harmonious sexual life between husband and wife. ·
(5) to longevity. According to an international survey of the relevant committees in the world in a variety of professionals to the postman's life the longest and one of the reasons is that they often deliver a letter the sake of riding a bike.
2.Cycling, not only can lose weight, but also make your figure more shapely and charming. By exercise to lose weight, or side diet side movement, first by the body than just dieting to lose weight is more better, more attractive. I do not know how to describe the "more attractive", but in fact, brought about by the strong muscle movement, and the sport of cycling that excel fine ankle, than it is haggard, blue veins protruding diet, total pretty much it! Appropriate exercise can secrete a hormone, this hormone makes your mind cheerful, happy spirit. From experience, know cycling can produce this hormone.
3.Habitual cycling, more and expand your heart. Otherwise, more and more fine blood vessels, heart more and more degraded, late in life, you will experience it brings trouble, then you will find how cycling is perfect. Cycling is a sport requires a lot of oxygen, there was a time the elderly to six days to complete the 460 kilometers of bicycle travel. He said: "Older people should have at least three times a week exercise, the heart to strengthen it, to restore normal function to make your heart beat fierce, but not too long so it will be able to adapt to an emergency situation, such as the plight of the coachman or resistance..."
4.Environmental protection. Now the air quality is getting worse, which is very important reason is that a large number of vehicle exhaust emissions, ride a bike is no exhaust, can influence the lives of our Blue Sky Project.