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World's top ten bicycle brand

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2015-12-15

World's top ten bicycle brand list

1.Specialized :( lightning) called cycling world BMW. Its road, mountain range have been particularly exquisite. Tour de France race car.


(Thame) famous French bicycle manufacturer. Frame it highway system, the design of self-locking system is world-class.

3. Acreide Ake Reid: Italy's top luxury bike, mainly for rich customized luxury. (Picture not found, you help me)
4.Colnago :( Plum) ItalianRoad Cyclingfactory. C40 is the plant's top model, the Giro, the World Championship car.

5.BMC: Swiss bicycle manufacturer. The main products are mountain bikes, road bikes, time trial car. BMC developed in cooperation with Easton Carbon Nano Tube is well-known in the cycling world of unique design.

6.Trek: the famous American brand, sponsor of the Discover Channel team has won seven consecutive Tour de France title.

7.Schwinn: US brands. There's a comfortable known Sierra, Frontier and other high-quality.

8.Huffy: one of America's well-known brand mountain bike, mountain bike they produce comfortable simple and durable.
9.Mongoose: American super extreme bicycle brand, China BMX bike team sponsor.
10.Cannondale: US brand, known for arm known, commonly known as "Lefty."