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The best time to lose weight by cycling

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2015-12-11

Many people use cycling to exercise, there are a lot of people to lose weight, some people think riding the longer the better weight loss results. In fact, this idea is very scientific, so-called movement needs the right amount, the best exercise to lose weight cycling time is 40-60 minutes (less than 40 minutes, to no avail, over one hour, damage to the body).

When people exercise to lose weight by cycling, within the first 20-30 minutes exercise, the human body is consumed by the food into glycogen. And 30 minutes after exercise, the body began to break down body fat. Biking ride of less than 40 minutes, although able to play a cardiopulmonary exercise effect, but it does not consume more fat.


If riding a bike over one hour, the body is metabolized more muscle, not fat weight loss body sculpting who want to lose. But the more muscle in the human body, metabolized more calories before, so it is not easy to gain weight.

Also in the case of prolonged cycling as sedentary, it will result in "lower body" local congestion. We need to finish after riding a bike sports, other sports do more to relieve our muscles, make blood flow up.