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Four New Zealand charming bike routes

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2016-01-07

New Zealand is a country attaches great importance to the construction of outdoor, outdoor sports variety, popularity is also high. In New Zealand, biking this is an extremely popular outdoor sports. Continuous multi-day mountain bike routes nature is extreme cycling fans the most enthusiastic of challenges, but for those who experience less able people, quiet country lanes, winding road along the coast, lush forest trails meander and other suitable route is quite easy to ride very fascinated.

Whether it is among the scenic vineyards leisurely riding the shuttle, or carry out extreme biking in the rugged mountain area, or is it in a variety of field trail bike ride, which definitely makes you a real good understanding of New Zealand opportunity. You can not only big mouth breathing fresh air, but also to close a variety of interesting wildlife to observe, listen to the birds melodious sounds, as well as the opportunity to meet visitors from all over the world.

"Rotary bike lanes"

Location: Hawke's Bay

Length: 70 km

Difficulty Level: Low

North Island Hawke's Bay (Hawke's Bay) region, "Rotary bicycle path" (Rotary Pathway) 70 kilometers of the route together, along the way from time to time through a variety of idyllic vineyards, orchards and farms, It can not help but revel in this tranquil stunning coastal scenery, even the rookie-level bike novice whom will linger.

"Ruapehu - Whanganui 雅阿拉托霍 Connaught bike lanes"

Region: Central North Island

Length: 317 km

Time: 4-6 days

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Located in the central North Island, a total length of 317 km of "Ruapehu - Whanganui 雅阿拉托霍 Connaught bike paths" (Ruapehu - Whanganui Nga Ara Tuhono trail) to Mount Ruapehu (Mount Ruapehu) as a starting point , via Wanganui public park (Whanganui National Parks), boat ride Whanganui River (Whanganui River), and finally to Whanganui. Wang 格努 along forest landscape by the river basin, Whanganui beauty and simplicity, will allow cyclists to indulge here.

Confident of their skills riders may wish to challenge the "Ruapehu - Whanganui 雅阿拉托霍 Connaught bike lanes" in the two new lanes. Among them, the "Old Ferry Road bicycle path" (Old Coach Road) total length of 11 km, is a very suitable for family outings with bicycle routes, and slightly longer "Mountain biking trails Rotorua Gepp" (Mangapurua Track ride) Hiei spent two days more suited experienced veteran bike.

"Macro mountain bike trails."

Location: Wellington

Length: 53 km

Difficulty: Low - High

Located in downtown Wellington "Macro mountain bike trails" (Makara Peak Track) is undoubtedly New Zealand's most popular mountain bike routes up. This bike path through the park covers an area of ​​200 hectares, is funded by the local government building, and also get the famous New Zealand Kennett (Kennett) Three brothers (ie mountain bikes three brothers) - Simon ( Simon), Jonathan (Jonathan) and Paul (Paul) technical guidance. Every year, more than 100,000 cycling enthusiasts gathered here, they bored riding a mountain bike up and down steep slopes in between the bumps, or carefully through the bush, but also the Cook Strait movement (Cook Strait) to beautiful panoramic view of New Zealand's South Island.

"St. James Super bike lanes"

Region: Northern South Island

Length: 60 km

Time: 1-2 days

Difficulty Level: Advanced

In the New Zealand Government to vigorously promote the New Zealand National Environmental Protection Agency (DOC) is working closely with local authorities and community groups in New Zealand, all over the country trying to build a national network of cycle paths - "Journey" (Nga Haerenga). Currently under construction, 15 projects have been referred to as "super bike lanes" ("the great rides"), these lanes will be built in different stages one by one, and gradually open to visitors.

"St. James Super bike path" (St James Great Trail) is "super bike lanes" in one, officially opened in October this year. It is located in the northern part of New Zealand's South Island, a total length of 60 km. Lane built along the valley and the mountains across the St. James (St James mountain range).

As New Zealand's gorgeous and diverse natural landscape, mountain bike trails terrain is changing, so cycling enthusiasts route must be chosen carefully for their level of competence.