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Most bikes are not suitable for you

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2016-01-13

Each week hundreds of thousands of cyclists to buy expensive new bike is not suitable. Pay about $ 250 to do a professional fitting, but in fact a good thing long term fitting is also member, wherein a number of reasons including:
★ most fit systems assume that you want, and those over 20 years old, thin professional drivers using the same riding position.
★ Most new bicycle frame design has flaws, it is difficult to achieve a proper fit.
★ Most people who bike to the rider are too small. Whether it is a road bike or a bicycle there are such problems.
Problem is almost always in the relative position of the bicycle and body-related contact points: the feet, buttocks and hands. In the place where I work, we call the point of contact triangle, or CPT. Find one that fits your CPT is the only way to make you feel comfortable on the bike.
        A typical road bike CPT to you is this:

        Let too much weight down low handlebar pressure on the hand, causing numbness and pain. To minimize body lean forward, you have to straighten the arm, elbow locked, locked arm can not bend with the bumps, unable to absorb the impact. They let you lean forward over the waist of increasing pressure, also force you have looked up to see the road. This will cause your back, hands and neck pain. For riders using the race CPT, this is a common problem.

        A more comfortable, more versatile not match the rider's CPT looks like this:

Handlebar than seat two to four inches high. This reduces hand to bear weight, reduce occurs because of nerve problems caused by oppression, so you can relax arms, elbows bent to absorb shock. This location is not suitable for the game. When the race drivers with a very low position in the other racer, he must also lowered the body by means of a vacuum space, and when they are in front, the low position makes difficult for others to follow your car.
        Good posture will feel almost as comfortable and sitting in a chair. When you ride, you should be able easily to any part of the handlebar grip. When you get off, you should not spend more than one minute to rectify. Long ride will make your legs tired, but your back, hands or neck should not be a problem.