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    Capacity : park 6 bikes
    Size : L1400*W1054*H840mm
    Net weight :38KG
    Finish: powder coating / hot galvanized /elctropolishing
    Packing size :1490*860*160mm  1pcs/ctn

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    Finish: Powder coated
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    Steel plate: thickness: 2mm
    Dimension: 1325*1890*1830mm
    Weight: 370 kg/set

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    Material: stainless steel 304
    Pipe: 50 mm* 2.5 mm
    Size: 900*700 mm(L*W)
    Surface treatment: polishing

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A guide to the outdoor bike rack of chinabikerack.

2022-08-19 13:32:44

Cycling is an endurance aerobic exercise that can best improve people's cardiorespiratory function. The results of modern sports medicine research show that cycling has the functions of developing the brain, improving physical fitness, losing weight, prolonging life and reducing stress. Bicycles are currently advocated by the state and the most environmentally friendly means of transportation in low-carbon life. It can not only exercise the body, but also can effectively reduce the use of cars, reduce exhaust emissions, alleviate air pollution, and protect the environment. However, as the bicycle is used more and more, some of the bad effects become more and more obvious.

Outdoor Carbon Steel Floor Bike Rack

Why should outdoor bike racks be widely used?


In densely populated urban areas, the excessively large number of bicycles and the unsatisfactory parking methods have brought trouble to the city's public security and urban management. In large squares or shopping markets, bicycles are often parked in confusion, which brings a lot of inconvenience to residents' daily travel. Some cyclists just find a place to park, and thefts happen from time to time. There is no special area for storing bicycles. Compared with the situation where the bicycles are neatly placed, the same number of bicycles will take up too much public resources and cause unnecessary waste of space.

So while we vigorously advocate and support green travel, and applaud the energy saving, environmental protection and convenience of bicycles, how to solve the management problems such as traffic congestion, city appearance, and vehicle loss caused by random parking? In order to solve this problem thoroughly and effectively, the "bicycle parking rack" came into being, which fundamentally solved these problems. One-to-one unique parking design makes vehicle parking more convenient and orderly. In this way, the bicycles that were originally cluttered and crowded at the door of various businesses, schools, etc. are now placed in the parking racks in an orderly manner, and the neatly parked vehicles in front of the business doors have become the road scenery. Nowadays, many cities are building civilized cities, and it is strictly forbidden to occupy blind lanes. In order to facilitate citizens to park bicycles, bicycle parking racks have been installed in some large shopping plazas and schools. Many cyclists consciously park their bicycles on the bicycle parking racks. , and then lock it with a lock.


Introduction of the outdoor bike racks

Bike parking racks are also called storage racks, parking racks, anti-theft racks, and bicycle racks. The utility model of a bicycle parking rack relates to a device for parking bicycles, especially a bicycle parking rack. The bicycle parking rack has the following characteristics, which saves a lot of space, thereby providing more car parking spaces, managing bicycles, making the clutter neat and orderly, low price, maximizing space utilization, humanized design, suitable for living environment, operation Lightweight, improve safety, unique design, safe and reliable use, simple and convenient to pick and place the car.


The benefits of outdoor bike racks


For the city - ease the traffic, enhance the city appearance, improve the quality of citizens.
The use of bicycle parking racks effectively solves the problem of bicycle parking order. It not only plays a positive role in environmental protection, convenient travel, and ease of traffic pressure, but also contributes to the construction of urban beautification and the creation of an environmentally friendly society. The installation of bicycle racks will improve the appearance of the city, beautify the city, and improve the quality of citizens. It has subtly changed people's behavior and guided civilization to park!

For individuals - prevent bike theft and encourage more cycling enthusiasts
Bicycle parking racks can prevent theft. In places where bicycle parking facilities are installed, even if there are no special personnel to take care of them, it is difficult to lose bicycles. Parkers simply park the front or rear wheel of the bicycle between the card slots in the two racks and lock the bike to the front iron bars. If there is no key, it is very difficult to pry the car. If you want to steal the car, you have to carry away the ten-meter-long iron frame. The application of bicycle parking racks can effectively ensure the safety of users' bicycles, thereby encouraging more cycling enthusiasts to travel green. After all, bicycles are still irreplaceable short-distance means of transportation for commuters.

For companys- ease the tension of parking spaces and reduce the cost of building car parking lots.

The bicycle parking rack not only improves the parking rate and maximizes the rational use of the space, but also encourages the company's employees to travel with low carbon, replaces the car with bicycles, improves the company's car parking space, and reduces the company's land cost.


Applications of outdoor bike racks

Public places such as subway stations, parks, hospitals, campuses, etc.
The campus environment of colleges and universities has certain particularities, and the bicycle parking facilities should be in harmony with the campus environment, and effectively maintain the continuity and integrity of the campus landscape. A design method that combines the layout of parking facilities with landscape, architecture, greening, and human behavior patterns. From the development history of the campus, urban development, the growth of motor vehicles, especially the large-scale disorderly use and parking of bicycles, have had a great impact on the campus, which in turn affects the study, work and life of users on the campus.
Commercial premises, shopping mall underground parking lot, shopping, food and other store entrances
Pedestrian bridges and tunnel entrances and exits, residential, office, commercial, industrial, hospital, school, cultural and sports facilities, tourist areas and other places with denser traffic.

The door of the company unit, the door of the community, or even the yard of the individual, etc.
Install parking racks in densely populated areas and commercial areas. 


Types of outdoor bike racks


At present, in order to solve the problem of bicycle parking, all kinds of bicycle parking devices emerge in an endless stream, and the following are five common outdoor bicycle parking racks.


Two tier bike rack

Two-tier bicycle parking rack is to solve the problem of random parking of bicycles. It can realize neat and orderly parking of bicycles and electric vehicles by folding and lifting, vertical lifting, horizontal movement, pulling, fixing, fixing, etc. It is suitable for public Parking lots, high-end office buildings, apartment buildings, schools and other places with high environmental quality requirements are the best choice for high-end customers. According to product characteristics, double-layer bicycle parking racks can be divided into folding lift, vertical lift, horizontal movement, direct pressure and pull-out.


  • The double-decker bicycle storage rack can be freely combined with single and double layers, and can be freely arranged and combined with the horizontal mobile lower rack. The number of parking spaces per unit area is large, the space is rationally utilized, and land resources are saved.
  • Break the parking tradition and create a safe, comfortable and beautiful parking environment. Compared with traditional bicycle storage racks, double-decker bicycle storage racks are more elegant and beautiful.
  • Double anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion settings, high strength and long service life.
  • The wheel slot and base can be disassembled and assembled, which is convenient for transportation.
  • High degree of automation, available for the elderly and women, and good customer experience.
  • The angle of the frame can be adjusted according to the site to meet the requirements for the width of the aisle.
  • The surface is treated with high temperature spray, which can prevent rust. The upper shelf is equipped with a gas spring, which can be used more than 10,000 times.
  • Humanized design, convenient and labor-saving bicycle parking, simple operation. Using a pneumatic spring, the operation is lighter and the safety is improved.

Applicable occasions: used in various parking lots, garages and bicycle parking areas, communities, government agencies, etc., commercial streets, shopping plazas and other public parking areas.

Two Tier Bike Rack

Floor Bike Rack

The floor bicycle parking rack is a metal rack mainly used for parking bicycles. It is mainly used for parking bicycles or simple electric vehicles. A single card slot can be used to park battery cars or motorcycle wheels, which can make the parking of vehicles more standardized. . According to product characteristics, ground bicycle parking racks can be divided into slot-type bicycle parking racks and high and low bicycle parking racks. The material is divided into stainless steel, galvanized pipe, iron pipe and so on.


  • Save a lot of space, thus providing more car parking spaces.
  • Manage bicycles, one bicycle is parked in one card slot, so that the disorder becomes neat and orderly, the price is low, and the space utilization is maximized.
  • Humanized design, suitable for living environment, easy to operate, improve safety, unique design, safe and reliable use, simple and convenient to pick and place the car. The bicycle parking device not only beautifies the appearance of the city, but also facilitates the masses to park bicycles and electric vehicles in an orderly manner. It is safer to lock and prevent the occurrence of theft cases, and is well received by the citizens
  • No rust for 20 years after hot-dip coating


Bike Locker

Bike lockers are permanently anchored, lockable bike storage. It is impenetrable to pry bars and keeps out rain, wind, snow or other bad weathers.Creates organized and efficient spaces that provide the highest level of bicycle security.They can be ganged together to create space-efficient parking solutions.


  • Built to protect against weather, vandalism, and theft as they are typically used for outdoor bike storage.
  • As a long-term and highly secure bike storage way,they are the best way to to hold one or two bicycles per unit.
  • Easy access,it can provide a safe and convenient space for employees to leave their bikes during the workday.
  • Keep bike safe and save space, optimizing the environment.
  • Not only prevent theft, but also protect against vandalism and weather.
  • Often in a rectangular box shape, while some can be in the form of a triangle where the handlebars of the bike face the wider side of the container.


Bike Shelter

A bike shed is the best place to store your bicycle in your yard or garden. If you choose the right one it will protect your bike from theives and the bad weather.The bike shelters are covered or enclosed bike rack rooms designed for bike parking by manufacturer of bike racks,giving cyclists the confidence they can leave their bikes unattended in any weather.


  • The outdoor bike shelter use high strength aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy material does not rust, strong safety, long service life. The ceiling uses the endurance plate of brand-new material, the impact resistance performance is strong, the strength is tempered glass and acrylic plate several times.
  • Not only durable and safe, but also can be customized according to the needs of the site and customer needs. Aluminum alloy bicycle shed is divided into R type, N type, Y type, color can be selected, respectively, with modern design style, show simple, fashionable, and rich personality.
  • The outdoor bike shelters has the advantages of free and light shape, flame retardant, heat insulation, uv protection and high safety.


Semi Vertical Bike Rack

The semi vertical bike rack is designed for areas where space is at a premium. This racks can be infinitely extended making them ideal for commercial applications; both internally and externally. Placed back-to-back, you can optimise the amount of storage available in spaces you might have previously dismissed.


  • Can save space - storing bikes semi-vertically instead of on the floor helps to save valuable floor area
  • It is easy to use - easy to use rack where users simply lift the bike into the space.
  • They can be surface mounted, wall or floor mounted.
  • These parking racks come as  galvanised as standard and can be supplied with locking loops and bolts to put them together.
  • With a high security locking hoop, supplied as standard, which allows for both the frame and wheels to be secured.
  • Whether you create a central island or place them against the wall, you’ll be providing convenient, secure and easy-to-use infrastructure for cyclists.
  • Used extensively across commercial spaces such as basements, car parks and cycle locker rooms.
  • No additional locking steel pipes are installed, which satisfies the characteristics of shared bicycles that can be parked and taken at any time.
  • The product has undergone precise calculations to meet the needs of shared bicycles with many collisions and strong collisions. After proofing and actual testing, the product does not deform or fade.
  • The appearance of this bicycle parking rack has a strong sense of modern metal, whether it is installed on the street or in the park, it will not be obtrusive, fashionable and highly ornamental.


Design principles of outdoor bike racks

The main characteristic of bicycle traffic is transient. Some public places often do not have enough parking spaces due to the neglect of instantaneous traffic in some public places, so bicycles randomly invade the sidewalks and roadways, and the flow of people and vehicles is mixed together. , chaotic, especially when the bicycle is soaked wet in rain and snow, not to mention the confusion in management, the bicycle is easy to lose. On the main road, bicycles are often parked on both sides, occupying a space of 3 to 4 meters, which seriously affects the speed and capacity of vehicles, and has a greater impact on traffic when accessing bicycles. On both sides of the main road where the sidewalk is set, the sidewalk is often occupied to affect the traffic, and at the same time, it also affects the safety of pedestrians. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and design reasonably according to the user's use time, access convenience, safety and other aspects.

1. For bicycles that stay for a long time and have a large amount of stay, bicycle sheds or lock boxes should be set up in the surrounding sites; if there is no surrounding site conditions, tree arrays should be planted on the original green space, and bicycle racks should be set up to form ecological bicycle parking spots; For bicycles that stay for a short time and a large amount of time, the frame is mainly designed according to the surrounding site conditions, and there is little or no bicycle shed.
2. Bicycle parking facilities are an aspect of static traffic, not just a modeling issue, but are closely related to urban traffic, landscape, and human behavior patterns.


Rules for the use of bicycle racks


  • Bicycles must be parked in a "designated location and in an orderly manner".
  • The bicycles of general school students are parked in the bicycle parking shed, and the parking line is delineated at the same time. Bicycle owners or users consciously cooperate to park within the parking line at the designated location and be uniform.
  • If the bicycles are not parked according to the designated position and parking line, the bicycle administrator will move them to the designated position and stack them neatly. Bicycle administrators have the right to stop and persuade the behavior of parking bicycles indiscriminately. Bicycle owners or users should understand and actively cooperate, and obey orders.
  • Due to limited parking spaces, bicycles should be parked as close as possible. Dispose of waste bicycles that have not been used for a long time.
  • When the bicycle is parked, remember to lock it and take safety precautions.

Materials and surface

  • Carbon Steel 
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Hot dip galvanizing 

Carbon steel material, using hot dip galvanized rust prevention, high temperature spray baking spraying process, effectively prevent the product in the outdoor use of oxidation and rust
The hot dip galvanizing process results in an effective corrosion resistant surface with multi-varied spangle appearance.

Installation method and site requirements

  • Ground mount
  • Cement pre-buried
  • Removable installation

Installation site requirements
The double-layer bicycle rack is easy to install and has no special requirements for the venue. If the installation and basement net height is generally required to be more than 2450mm, the channel width is more than 1700mm.

Precautions for the purchase of outdoor parking racks
There are many suppliers of outdoor bicycle parking racks at home and abroad. They look the same, but the prices are very different. Of course, the quality is definitely different. If users want to buy good quality, they must choose regular manufacturers and be optimistic about the quality of the products. Go buy it, or it's really worth the loss.