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Do you need a bicycle parking home?

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2019-04-12
  Everyone has a warmly and comfortable home, how about your beloved bicycles?

  In nowadays, motor vehicles have increased faster, and private vehicles have also increased year by year. The citizens are enjoying convenient and fast travel, and various problems such as traffic congestion, parking difficulties, and air pollution are coming one after another. In order to make travel more smooth and environmentally, more and more "cyclists" choose low-carbon travel. However, because bicycles do not have a "exclusive" parking space, non-motor vehicles that are unattended in public places are at risk of being stolen.

  People called for a “home” for bicycles, and reasonable planning of bicycle storage places in public places such as hospitals, large commercial facilities, schools, cultural and recreational facilities, and sports facilities.

  The installation of a bicycle parking rack at the bicycle storage area can not only solve the problems of parking difficulty, illegal cycle parking, etc., but also greatly reduce the situation of bicycle theft.


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