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Our product meeting " Wall Mounted Bike Rack "

  • Author:Mia Liu
  • Release on:2019-04-11
  We have productexplanation meeting every month, everyone learn more about bike racks, and then we can service customer more better.

Today's topic is Wall Mounted Bike Rack.

The special technology of this wall mounted bike rack is that it has a protective cover on the poles to protect the bicycle tyre.  

1. Surface treatment: Powder coated or plastic dipping.

2. Weight: 2 kgs.

3. Explosive Screw: 80 mm long, 8 to 10 mm thick.

For heavier bicycles, the explosive screws need to be customized.

Approx 4 explosive screws are needed for this bike rack.

4. Custom Logo: can be screen printed onto this bike rack or by laser cutting.

We make Bicycle Parking Rack is seriously. More bike racks in our website: