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Best way to hang your bikes on wall

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-03-16
Bicycle is a very convenient means of transportation, but it's a problem to place it indoor when you are not using it!Below are some ways to show you how to store your bikes with a space saving way!

Save space while providing secure bike storage with the wall-mounted bike rack.
Hang the front wheel on the hook to suspend the bike, and then lock the bike frame to the bike rack for secure storage. The unique design is U-lock compatible and provides added stability to the suspended bicycles.

Each wall bike rack can hold 2 bikes; install in series for a high-capacity bike corral.
The bike wall mount is composed of steel and powder-coated black for strength and resistance to corrosion and wear. It will remain functional and attractive over a long service life, even with heavy use.

2,Heavy Duty Garage Bike Rack

This bike storage racks hanger made from heavy-duty solid steel is able to hang weight up to 66lb and it depends on how strong the wall is. Vertical wall bike hook,bike hangers for garage ceiling hanging Bike hangers light-weight and durable.

The metal hook is specially covered with thick rubber which increases friction and prevent you bike from falling. The holder with protective plastic coating as well as the soft rubber all make your bike free from scratches.Unique safety hook design and locking mechanism prevents accidental release.

Bike Hook Simply installed,no assembly required. 3 Steps: - drill hole (note :drilling a hole first then drilling screws ,not drilling screws in the wall directly), place studs, tighten screws.This product is designed for using in wood stud and solid concrete wall. All screws and studs needed are included.Four mounting points and side special design make fastening sturdy.

It includes hanging beam and can move to and fro on the beam of the bridge, the pick-up in decorate a can turn the hanger, hanger around a pull rope, lifting rope with a hook and a coil spring steel, elastic restoring force through the shake handshandle of rope pulling and the function of the spring steel reply hang the bicycle suspension beam, which can realize the air three-dimensional suspension storage, save the lay of the field, and through the pick-up reciprocating movement, access to bike is more convenient, it can be used in bicycle garage.