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How To Ensure That Your Bicycle Will Not Be Stolen?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-03-18

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First, the special bike is for special usage.

Mountain bikes are not bought for commuting, it is not just a means of transportation for you. Many people buy mountain bikes, not because they like to ride, just thinks it's cool, so they just use mountain bikes as a means of transportation, go out on the mountain bikes and then stop and go online to play golf by themselves, looking back and seeing that the bike is gone. I have two bikes. When I go out with the cycling team, I ride a mountain bike, and I usually put it in the dorm. When I'm going out to buy fruit or something, just ride an ordinary second-hand car.

Second, don't buy locks! ! !

When I say this sentence, many people will not understand it, but this sentence is popular in our team-"Buy a lock and lose half." Once you buy a lock, you will relax your vigilance, especially the acclaimed and expensive bicycle lock, which weighs several kilograms. Can you sit back and relax after buying a lock? You underestimate the current thief stealing it. This is a trick to earn a living. If you don’t steal your bike, people have no food to eat. People’s bike stealing technology must be much better than your car locking technology. Guess how fast the fastest thief I've ever seen to steal a car can open the lock? 4 seconds. Last year, a friend’s bicycle was stolen, and there was a camera in the darkened area. The video showed that the culprit came on tiptoe at around 5 in the morning. After looking around, the target was locked. Then we saw an incredible scene on the monitor: the cargo walked up to the bike, took out the tools (it is hard to see  in night), and then rode away just in 4 seconds.

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Third, never leaving your bike.

When the team goes out to ride, the bike will always be by your side. When you go to a restaurant to eat, ask if the car is allowed in, or not? Change shop to eat. The bike was parked at the table during the meal, and the bike was pushed into the room when staying in the guest house at night. One day when we were riding together to go to the toilet, we all agreed to take turns to pee, and the two stayed to see the bikes, but Jack still carried the bike into the toilet—he had been playing for three months. A new bike bought through 3 months' working payment. Well, you have to have this kind of mentality, you have to cherish your bike, and your daughter-in-law should love it. If the above three items can be met, it can be guaranteed that the bike will not be lost.

But we must also consider reality. After all, various situations will exist.

If you must lock it, lock it on a fixed object, such as telephone poles and other public facilities that allow the car to be locked. Don’t just lock the wheels, but the frame. Almost all high-end mountain bikes come with quick release. You don’t need tools at all to remove the bike. After dismantling the wheels, they will come down. A set of four to five hundred wheels, and thousands of frame fork and chainrings. Which is more economical? You can also prepare a small lock, the disc brake bike is locked to the disc, and the V brake is locked to the chain. However, the damage to the vehicle itself is relatively large. It is not finished if you lock it, you must ensure that she can be in your line of sight, and you must be able to see her often.

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