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Bicycle Parking Can Also Be Fun

  • Author:Iris Han
  • Release on:2018-11-08
  The creativity of designers has always been beyond the reach of ordinary people. They can always make ordinary but indispensable things in life become more interesting and visually impactful.

  The bicycle parking rack gives us the feeling that it is simple and boring. There seems to be no other use than to park the bicycle. Not to mention the beauty. But on the bustling streets of the city, everything is immersed in its fashion. Even the bicycle parking racks are different and become a new highlight on the street.

  Such a fun bicycle parking rack is not only a parking rack, but also an embellishment. It has become a beautiful landscape on the street that attracts your attention. Meanwhile, It can become a topic of people's gossip as well.

  Can this invisibly encourage people to temporarily give up their bikes and use environmentally friendly and convenient bicycles? I think the answer is yes. After all, no one could reject such a cute bicycle rack. 


  In China, electric vehicles are not the only electric vehicle that people are welcoming. The rise in fuel prices and urban expansion have spurred demand for electric bicycles. This spiral bicycle parking rack can be seen everywhere on the streets of China. It is more convenient to bicycles parking, convenient to transport and fast to install.

  It is recommended to place such a bicycle-embedded parking rack indoors. Compared with the traditional bicycle parking rack, this embedded parking rack, its slot and the base wheel can be disassembled and assembled, which is more convenient and beautiful. A single card slot can well position the wheel and allow the vehicle to be parked more precise.

  Moreover, in the installation, the worker only needs to use the impact drill on the hard ground to simply punch the hole and fix it with iron nails and expansion screws.