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Double-decker bicycle rack for school

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2019-03-04

Bicycle Parking Rack Features

1. Bicycle parking display, double-layer structure, saving space.

2. The upper layer only needs to be pulled out and gently pressed, and the bicycle
can be lifted up and down, which is very convenient and quick.

3. Anti-rust - Q235 carbon steel, sprayed after hot-dip galvanizing, good anti-rust
function, green and environmentally protection, the surface is very smooth, it can be
applied to any harsh environment.

4. Study and durable
In addition to the solid factors of its own material, the special manufacturing process,combined with advanced welding technology, allows the shelf and the base to form an integral structure that can withstand the impact of the vehicle when it is parked.

5. Neat and orderly
——Each slot position is designed to park a bicycle, uniform specifications, and
bicycle parking rack can effectively manage bicycles. Make them messy and orderly.

6. Beautiful and creatively --The humanized design of the bicycle parking rack is beautiful and light, the structure is unique and novel, and the pick-and-place vehicle is
simple and safe.

7. Security and prevent theft
——When the vehicle is parked on the bicycle parking rack, lock the wheel directly on the bicycle parking rack to prevent theft or loss of the vehicle.

8. Save space - can save a lot of space, thus providing more parking spaces
Convenient and fast - parking is convenient and fast

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