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Bicycle racks: using spiral racks "array" is missing

"Drive in downtown parking is not convenient now, sometimes want to ride electric vehicles, bicycle out of the door, but don't rest assured outside."On September 19, the author interviewed on the streets, many people have.In the middle of August this year, to standardize the order of vehicle parking, tongdao county of hunan province to begin using spiral racks, as long as people see the spiral racks, you can rest assured of free parking.

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"Look beautiful and guard against theft, it also can effectively avoid the vehicle's stop place, is very popular with people!"Channel, head of the city law enforcement bureau told me that the new "anti-theft screw bike racks, mainly set up in the long march road, yingbin street, peace, friendship and so on main street street.The total length of about 1000 meters, with a total investment of nearly 260000 yuan.Spiral parking frame not only solve the vehicles put disorderly, save floor space, and push the car front wheel position the bicycle lock screw card slot can guard against theft, don't have to worry about lost vehicle.