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Bicycle racks:Racks deformation will be able to use

"Now our city is creating provincial civilized city, but some public facilities damage done is nobody's business."At nqa lane business call Ms. Hu hotline reflect the roadside parking frame damage for some time, but has not been maintenance.But the reporter discovers after visiting, many racks are damaged, but neglected, not only to use the city appearance.

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Reporter according to Ms. Hu reflect the situation, to the west tower, lane intersection nqa lane and there is a park at the crossroads of anji stagger, deformation, severe cases have been unable to normal use."These racks installed for a long time, effect is quite obvious, bicycles, electric cars parked crooked before, now everyone's consciousness, as long as there is vacancy racks, can put your car here, road vehicles and tidy a lot."Ms. Hu said, now this row damaged, also nobody tube, not beautiful also cannot use.

And this is not an accident, the conditions of damage of many racks, reporter has in the hui yuan street also see a similar situation, damage of racks, severe deformation is neglected.

"Racks belong to public facilities, it is convenient, you use the since broken must be quickly repair, or simply removed, like to work in spite of, it not only easy to use, also affect the city appearance."Ms. Hu said, in the hope that relevant departments to properly solve this problem as soon as possible.