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Bike Rack for Street Food Shop

When you own a Street food shop you can expect that you will attract the attention of the passersby and most of your passersby will be riding a bicycle. There are least chances that a person who is travelling by a car will stop in front of your shop and enjoy eating your food. Very few will do so, however, you can expect that a biker who was travelling in front of your street food shop may be attracted by the aroma and wait to enjoy your food.

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When something like this happens it is obvious that they will have some waiting time as in this period you will be preparing the tasty food. You may have good sitting arrangements but can you think what will they do with their bikes? You need to make arrangements that will help them keep their bicycles secure while they wait for the food. So, what can be done? A bike rack can be best arrangement that can be done by you to make your customers happy with parking their bikes.

Install a bike rack

When you have opened your street food shop it is obvious that you must have taken permission from the local authorities for that. Once you have the permission also seek out for some space where you can install a bike rack that will be convenient for your customers to keep their bikes. You can easily help them garage their bikes while they take the savor of your food.

There are different types of bike racks available in the market. You can search them online or you can even visit physical store. There are ones with multiple bike racks that will allow you to keep a number of bikes safely.

Look out for different types of bike racks

If you really want to make sure that you have installed the best bike racks in front of your shop, you need to choose ones that will be sturdy enough. It is required as they will be open to the elements of atmosphere. Hence, if you do not purchase a bike rack that is made up of good material you has to change it often. Thus, it is better to invest wisely and before you make the investment you do complete research to find the best bike racks.

By providing a simple space for your customers so that they can keep their bikes while they are enjoying the food, you will find that there is increase in number of customers.