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Bike Racks Offered By City Of Memphis For Special Events

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City of Memphis Engineering and Bike Walk Memphis offer Bike Racks for Special Events

In an effort to encourage more people to reach special events by bike, the City of Memphis’ Division of Engineering now offers ten event bike racks that can be borrowed for public or private special events. The racks are light-weight and can be assembled or disassembled in less than minute. With each rack capable of holding at least seven bicycles, the City’s collection allows an event to provide proper parking for 70 or more bikes.

Bike Walk Memphis, a local non-profit and supporter of active transportation, will voluntarily manage the Event Bike Parking Program on the City’s behalf. Upon request, Bike Walk Memphis will even provide a bike valet team that staffs the parking station throughout an event’s duration, and handles all of the pre- and post-event logistics associated with the racks.

“Rather than circling the block or slowly cruising the aisles of a parking lot in their car, event attendees could ride straight up to an event’s main entrance on their bike, hand it over to a smiling Bike Walk Memphis volunteer, and continue on their way into the event,” said Nicholas Oyler, Bikeway and Pedestrian Program Manager at the City of Memphis, on the benefit of an event using the racks. Other benefits include an overall reduced demand for car parking at an event and a reduced number of bicycles locks to utility poles, trees, or other pieces of property at an event’s entrance.

Event organizers are already taking the City up on its offer. Memphis Made Brewing recently used the racks to provide bike parking at its MALTED festival. The City’s racks were first tested, though, at MEMFix: Film Row in September.

To request the bike racks, visit http://www.chinabikerack.com