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Bike Racks Must Keep the Bikes Safe

Nowadays bicycle costs a small fortune and if you have a pro bicycle then it is obvious that the cyclist will ensure that they are able to park their bikes property. Now, as there are different types of bike racks available a cyclist may not prefer all of them as they will look for those bike racks that will keep their bike safe. The bike rack must also have the facility to let the bike locked with the bike rack.
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There are many parking facilities that have such bike racks installed at their place that most cyclists do not use them in the fear that their bikes may get damaged. Instead they may use poles or trees for locking their bikes. Hence, it is necessary that a bike parking lot should be so designed that they are able to attract the attention of the cyclist.

What to look for...

While designing a parking facility with bike racks things that must be cared for are

The bike racks must be able to attract the cyclist and the design should be such that they encourage the cyclist to use them.

The racks should allow the bike frame and the bikes must be able to lock safely and securely.

The bike racks should not hold the wheel and at the same time must support the bicycle frame.

The material used for making the racks must be built from weather proof material that is tamper resistant too.

The design of the bike racks should be attractive so that bike owners love using them.

What to avoid...

Sometimes cyclist does not prefer using the bike racks. Some of the reasons may be

Sometimes there are certain bike racks that are designed in such way that the wheel may get damaged. It is obvious that no one will prefer to use such bikes racks that can damage their bikes.

There are many bikes that have quick release front wheels and in such cases it becomes essential that the security of the frame and the wheel is done. So there should not be such racks installed that allows both the frame and the wheel to be locked along with the ‘U’ lock.

The capacity of the bike racks is essentials. Sometimes the capacity of a particular bike rack is ignored and with many bikes there is damage to them. Hence, bikers avoid suing such bike racks.