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Bike rack:Double Folding Bike Rack

I personally love wall racks for parking my bikes as I find them easier to handle and use. I’m sure many of you share the same likeness. I have gone through many rack designs and the Double Folding Bike Rack specially caught my interest. It covered mostly all my needs for a folding bike rack. So, I thought of discussing its features for the benefit of those who share the same idea as mine. Here are the feature’s of the Double Folding Bike Rack.

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Dual Bike Storage Rack is a double bike folding rack that can accommodate two bikes at a time weighing not more that 100 lbs (50 lbs per bike). You can easily store your wife’s or kid’s bike along with yours. It’s a great option for two people who are living together.

Vinyl Coated Arm-Handles – The coated arm handles provide a comfy padded surface for your bike to hang on protecting it from scratches, wears and tears and other forms of common corrosive elements. This will increase the life span of your bike for longer duration. This feature also helps to protect your garage or home floor from accidental falls.

Functional Handles – The arm handles can also be alternately used as a hanger while you change the bike’s tires or clean it or do your routine performance maintenance works. The hanger securely holds the bike and efficiently allows you to work on it comfortably. The handles also additionally can be folded flat ways when not in use.

Usable Utility Shelf – There is also an add-on-utility shelf on which you can store the bike helmets, shoes, water bottles, tool boxes and other needy items. You can fix this extra shelf part according to your comfortable space of choice. You can also fix the shelf a bit lower to enable your kids reach it too.

Trustworthy Design – The entire equipment is made of sturdy steel framework coated in epoxy black finish. The design is very useful as it allows you to store a multitude of other secondary requirements along with the bike. It also saves a lot of space in your garage and home area. It Includes – Clasps and screws to install the bike rack into your wall.