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Bike rack:One Up Bike Wall Hanger

Those of you who are looking forward to storing their bikes indoors without consuming much space in the garage, a wall mounted bike hanger could prove to be a really good option. A mounted bike hanger not only adds to the interior décor of your house but it also keeps your bikes in good shape for a longer period. So, are you coming across the concept of a mounted bike hanger for the first time? Then, a brief gist about the concept of a mounted bike hoist could help you get introduced to the product through a few basic details about it.

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How To Install A Wall Mount Bike Hanger Well?

Installing a bike hanger up the wall might seem to be troublesome initially. But if you learn a few installation tricks, things would appear smoother and you can install the bike hanger effortlessly in no time. Consider the following tips:

Locate the studs that would hold the top screw since it bears the maximum weight of the mounted bike.

The studs are conveniently on 16 inch centers which is room enough for placing more than one hanger along the same wall.

Just remember to leave a spacing of 6 to 8 inches between the vertical gaps of two hangers to keep the handlebars from getting crossed over.

Don’t feel confused about drywall installation. If you go through the installation kit of the Wall Hanger, you will find that bike hangers are suited for both drywall and wooden screws.

Remember to slide on the plastic cap covering the hardware into the side piece before attaching it to the small screw.

There is a plastic guard provided for the part that mounts the wall to prevent the rear tire from peeling off the paint.